5 Common Annoying Curly Hair Problems and Solutions

5 Common Annoying Curly Hair Problems and Solutions

5 Common Annoying Curly Hair Problems and Solutions

Types of Curly Hair

Curly Hair tends to be more frizzy, dry, annoying and difficult to maintain as compared to the straight and wavy hair types. However, It gives your hair life and adds a sense of fun to your personality.

  • 👉 Type 3A (loose curls)
  • 👉 Type 3B (medium curls)
  • 👉 Type 3C (tight curls)

Coily hair also known as African american hair, this hair type is determined by very tight curls and is actually quite fragile. It’s more prone to annoying curly hair problems. It tends to break easily if not taken care of properly. This hair type is characterized by very tight curls. It also tends to be very dry.

  • 👉 Type 4A (soft)
  • 👉 Type 4B (wiry)
  • 👉 Type 4C (extremely wiry)a

Are you struggling with  annoying Curly Hair problems?

If you are not born with sleek, straight hairs then you know that with curly hairs there comes a set of unique problems that you have to deal with everyday. The following curly hair solutions will definitely save your day. 

Your hair Strands Suffer from Severe Breakage

Problem:  Curly tresses lack in moisture  and nourishment, they are more susceptible to hair breakage and most breakage occurs from daily wear and tear. 

Solution: Use as less styling product as possible and brush your hair softly without causing any further hair damage. 

Drying your curly hair takes a whole day

Problem:  Curly tresses take a lot of time to air dry, that’s because your hair strands are voluminous, bushy and messy. 

Solution:  Use a good quality hair dryer to dry your hair tresses quickly in the morning after a morning shower. You can also opt to wash your hair in the evening to avoid hassle early in the morning.

Tangles and Hair Knots on a daily basis

Problem:  Since your curly tresses lacks of moisture and nourishment, the cuticles of this hair type roughen up resulting to hair strands clinging to each other making them knotty and quite difficult to style.

Solution:  Use a good quality wide tooth comb before drying your hair for tangle free tresses all day long. 

Oily hair is a daily issue

Problem:  The “S” shape of curly hair  doesn’t let  the natural oils  to go down, so all the oil piles and in the scalp making it oily  and later on leading to dandruff and hair fall.

Solution: Keep the scalp clean, if you have oily hair you can opt washing your hair very other day, using sulphate free shampoo and conditioner.

The Curly tresses have too much volume

Problem:  Having a voluminous tresses is extremely is bouncy  and often very unmanageable as well as hard to style. 

Solution: To minimize some of the extra volumes of your hairs, try DIY Keratin Hair Treatment. 

Are you bored of your Curly Hair?

Here’s exactly what a Keratin Treatment Does to curly Hair:

  • ✅ It removes & prevents frizz
  • ✅ It adds smoothness to your layers
  • ✅ It makes your hair shiny
  • ✅ It saves you a lot of time when styling
  • ✅ Your brush glides through without tangles
  • ✅ Easy to manage Hair

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