Can I Bleach My Hair After a Straightening Treatment? The Dos and Don’ts

A lot of people enjoy experimenting with their hair, whether it’s choosing a straightening treatment to get a sleek appearance or trying out a different colour. However, doubts and issues frequently surface when mixing several hair treatments.

Straightening treatments have grown in popularity among people who want frizz-free, silky hair in the ever-evolving realm of haircare and styling. Straightening treatments can provide a sleek and manageable alternative, whether you have naturally curly hair or just want to switch things up. Can I bleach my hair after getting a straightening treatment? is a common concern among people thinking about getting such treatments.

Let’s delve into the details and unravel the mysteries behind straightening treatments and post-treatment hair care. information to assist you decide.

Chemical procedures known as straightening treatments, such as rebonding, are used to change the hair’s inherent texture. Specifically, rebonding is the process of using strong chemicals to break and then reform the internal bonds in hair, leaving the strands straighter and easier to manage. Rebonding offers a long-lasting solution for people who want a polished, sleek appearance because its effects can last for several months.

After a rebonding treatment, many people wonder if they can bleach their hair. Although it is technically feasible, there are some crucial things to remember:

Waiting Period:

After undergoing a straightening treatment like rebonding, it’s crucial to wait before introducing additional chemical processes to your hair. Your hair can heal during this time, and the rebonding process stabilises the new structure your hair has formed. The waiting period gives your hair time to heal and stabilises the new structure created during the rebonding procedure. Generally, experts recommend waiting at least two weeks before considering any further chemical treatments.

The health of your hair is paramount. Postponing additional chemical procedures is advised if your hair is already severely dry or damaged after the straightening treatment. You should avoid getting any more chemical treatments done if your hair is already very dry or damaged from the straightening treatment. Prioritise giving your hair the nutrition and moisture it needs to recover from a bleaching session.

Expert Advice:

Seeking advice from a professional hairstylist is crucial before deciding to bleach your hair post-rebonding. It is imperative that you consult a professional hairstylist prior to bleaching your hair after rebonding. A stylist can assess the condition of your hair, recommend suitable products, and provide guidance on the best course of action to achieve the desired results without compromising hair health.

Patch Testing

Perform a patch test before applying bleach to your entire head. Do not bleach your whole head right away; do a patch test first. This helps you identify how your hair will react to the bleach and allows you to make any necessary adjustments or choose alternative products if needed.

Alternative for Chemical Rebonding or Straightening

If you’re hesitant about the potential risks associated with salon straightening treatments, consider exploring  DIY keratin hair treatments.

Keratin treatments are milder on the hair compared to chemical relaxers. However, it’s still recommended to wait before bleaching your hair.

Waiting for at least two weeks post-keratin treatment is advisable. This waiting period allows the hair cuticle to fully close and ensures better results with the bleach.

Get your DIY keratin treatment online now and enjoy a streamlined hair routine with gorgeous results!

The Not-To-Be Bleached After Straightening:

Steer Clear of Immediate Bleaching: After receiving a straightening treatment, do not bleach your hair right away. This could result in severe harm and jeopardise the structural integrity of your hair.

Say No to Overlapping Chemicals: Steer clear of overlapping with further chemical treatments if you’ve just undergone a chemical straightening treatment. Chemicals that overlap can shatter and cause serious harm.

Don’t do this at home: bleaching is a delicate procedure that need experience. Prevent bleaching at home, especially if you’ve had straightening done. A more regulated and secure approach is guaranteed by expert supervision.

Straightening or hair rebonding treatments can be a game-changer for those seeking a sleek and polished look. While the desire to experiment with hair color is natural, it’s essential to approach it with caution after undergoing a straightening treatment. By understanding the process, being patient, and seeking professional guidance, you can achieve the best results and maintain the health and beauty of your hair. So, if you’re considering bleaching after straightening, tread carefully, and consult with your stylist to ensure your locks remain gorgeous and vibrant.

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