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Firstly, we’d like to thank you for visiting this page, your time is valuable, so we’ll keep it short and sweet. You’ll have the opportunity to express your interest below where we’ll send out a more detailed plan.

It’s always been our goal to help women (and men) save money and time on their hair.
Now,  with the cost of everything rising (including our marketing costs) we thought it’s time to ask for help sharing our products with a compensation structure to reward your efforts.

Benefits of becoming an Ambassador:

You’ll earn commission every time someone places an order using your Ambassador link

There is no cap on how much you can earn

Treatments typically last 3 - 4 months then if they use your link again you’ll be rewarded

You’ll feel great helping people unlock their best hair

How it Works:

Apply to become a Keratin Hair Treatments Australia Ambassador.

Once approved, you will receive your unique Ambassador link and tips to share with others

Find people to visit your link and make a purchase
(We’ll also provide exclusive offers you can share to help)

When they make a purchase, you earn commission and Ambassador points

Use Ambassador points to increase your rank, get a bonus and boost your commissions.


Introduce others to become an Ambassador and start a team

Earn limitless team commissions through team points and monthly bonus

Interested to learn more and potentially become an Ambassador sign up today!

What you’ll receive

When you join the Ambassador program you’ll receive:

Your unique Ambassador link that links your visitors to sales

Your unique promo code to share with exclusive offer from Ambassadors

Access to the Ambassador support network

Ambassador Portal to track sales, commissions, and points earned

Tips and assistance to help make sales

How can you ensure you get the best results?

To succeed in earning in the program you’ll need to

Find people to visit our site using your code and offer

Once they make a purchase you’ll accumulate points and earning

As an optional path you can recruit ambassadors to start a team

Help your team grow and earn extra payments

What you won’t need to do

We’ve experienced some Ambassador / Partner programs that have strict rules or qualifying terms. We want this to be easier for our Ambassadors to succeed so as part of the program:

You don’t need to be a customer:

Although it will be easier to attract customers if you use our treatments and can provide feedback on them, it’s not a requirement

No Joining fee or annual membership:

It’s free to become an Ambassador and we won’t charge anything for your help.

Not forced to use commissions in our store:

We’ll issue AUD cash payments via transfers and not make you spend them on our website.

Won’t have to reach high commission balance before payouts:

Initially, you’ll need to reach $25 before the 1st payment is made then we’ll pay monthly no matter the amount of commission earned.

No compulsory trainings, paid or otherwise:

We won’t ask for any ‘certification’ payments, the only requirement is to stay subscribed to the Ambassador newsletter so we can pass along information.

What we’ll expect from you

As an ambassador for us we think it is reasonable to:

Be open and honest with us and potential customers:

This includes not making any false claims about our products or services to gain a sale, and treating anyone you interact with with respect and kindness.

Seek assistance from us if you have any questions:

If you’re unsure of anything regarding our business or products feel free to reach out.

Respect, learn and share with other Ambassadors:

Although other Ambassadors may have the same objectives as you, working together rather than against each other will help grow your points and commissions.

Use marketing materials provided or your own photos:

We’ll provide some images that can be shared when finding prospective customers or team members. You can also use any photos of yourself. Please don’t take images from the internet or our website. You’ll also be able to request content to be added to our content library.

Finally please show patience when required:

We’re not a huge corporation and do have limited resources, as such things may temporarily break and our communication may take some time. We’ll always endeavour to help our customers and ambassadors so we just ask for some patience if this occurs..

Next steps!

If you’re interested to learn more and potentially become an Ambassador sign up below.

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Thanks again for your interest in our Ambassador program!

– Andrew & Stacey
Keratin Hair Treatments Australia

Interested to learn more and potentially become an Ambassador sign up today!

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