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About Us - Introduction

Hi, Andrew here and thank you for visiting our website.
We’re a small Australian family run business located in North Brisbane, Qld.

We’ve been selling DIY Keratin Hair Treatment Kits for more than 10 years  after my wife and I moved to Queensland and the humdity wreaked havoc on her hair. Her story on how we got started is below so I’ll let her tell it. 

For the last 10 years we’ve listened and gathered a lot of feedback from our customers. We’ve used this information to update our instructions and provide accessories to assist in helping women (and men – yes I’ve done my hair a few times too). We do really just have one goal and that is to help women achieve the salon hair they’re after at a fraction of the price.   

If you have any questions please reach out to us through the chat bubble on our pages, on
 FB messenger or email us at care[at]

We know it can be daunting buying a treatment online so please talk to us if you need anything answered. 

Thanks, Andrew

I had ENOUGH of my frizzy hair!

Hey, I’m Stacey and I co-founded KHT after struggling with frizzy out of control hair.

In 2012 the frizz finally got to me so I went to a salon to have my hair treated with Brasil Cacau Keratin, the treatment cost me $450. I really enjoyed the Brasil Cacau keratin treatment but as it can last 3 – 4 months we were looking at spending somewhere between $1350 to $1800 per year to maintain! 

Inspired, we set out to 
source an alternative way to get the keratin hair straightening treatment and found a way but it meant buying in bulk. We figured that we weren’t the only ones who could benefit from the cost savings so we crafted a DIY kit and began selling what we didn’t use.

We worked on how to send these treatments out without tampering with the quality. 
So (me being a reg nurse) came up with the idea to store the treatment in sterile syringes to keep them fresh and air tight. It also had the benefit of assuring customers the exact amount they were receiving
(ml’s shown on the syringe) and ability to replace the cap to only use a portion at a time.

As the treatment mostly involves being able to use a hair straightener there isn’t any hairdresser qualifications required to perform the treatment. My hubby Andrew has performed the treatment on me a number of occasions, he has no professional training in hair styling and only used a straightener a few times. I’ve also performed it myself with the same results. (see my video on the how to page)

I have had success as both a straightening treatment and a smoothing treatment (2 different after photos above). I have very curly hair and the smoothing instructions gave me some nice natural definition.

We feel this treatment should be available to everyone who struggles with their hair like I have! If you have any questions on the treatment please drop us a message, we’d love to help.

Thanks xx

Ready for Your DIY Hair Transformation?

Hi I'm Dan!

I'm happy to help and can't wait to see your transformations, feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 🤩🌷✨🌹

Dan W. – Customer Relations
Keratin Hair Treatments Australia

We're driven to help women get smooth hair at an affordable price

We're driven to help women get smooth hair at an affordable price


Questions we get asked about our business

No we’re an online business that operates out of our home to send DIY kits to customers in Australia and across the world.

Only on ourselves! Unfortunately with our family and the online business we don’t have the capacity to perform the treatments for clients.

Yes we both we’re born here in Victoria and moved to Qld around.

Generally no we don’t allow bulk purchases as we need to ensure we have enough product to provide to our customers. If you have a specific request drop us an email.

We do have some customers who offer their services to customers and purchase kits to make additional income. Typically a salon treatment costs over $300 so you could purchase one of our kits and charge for your time.

We have been burned by online businesses in the past and vow to respect your time and money when you become one of our customers. For peace of mind feel free to email, message us, visit our facebook mentions and decide for yourself if you’re comfortable purchasing from us.

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Inside you'll find extra tips on how to perform the treatment, Club Offers and a supportive community who is helping share their experiences.

Verified Customers will get access on application.

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