How to perform a DIY Keratin Hair Treatment

Detailed step by step instructions will be provided with each kit, a summary of the process is as follows: 

What will you need?

You'll need the following items in order to complete a keratin hair treatment (not included in kits)

Hair Dryer


Hair Straightener

Up to 230 degrees for best results

Hair Clips & Gloves

How do I perform the keratin treatment? You don’t need to be a qualified hairdresser to perform this treatment! 

  • Rinse hair and wash with step 1 (this prepares the hair for the Keratin)
  • Dry hair 80% & Part hair into sections.
  • Apply Step 2 Keratin to the hair and comb through sections
  • Blow dry hair
  • Using a hair straightener run across strands of hair 5 – 7 times to seal the Keratin In.
  • Once all the Keratin has been sealed, rinse hair.
  • Wash hair with Step 3 Conditioner
  • Dry Hair and straighten if desired


Getting a keratin hair straightening treatment can be quite expensive. We took the salon formula and made an at home kit. So now you can have straight hair at a fraction of the cost.

We have 2 formulas:
Brasil Cacau – For a Straighter finish
Keratin AUS Smooth – For Defined Smooth hair

Kit Size Guide

Check the guide to see which kits suit your hair length. Add 10ml for thicker hair.





Visual Guide to our DIY Keratin Hair Treatments

Summary of Instructions

> Full detailed instructions included with all orders <

Prepare the Hair

Wash hair with Step 1 Shampoo. Dry Hair 80% & Separate into 6 sections.

Apply Keratin | Dry the Hair

Apply Step 2 Keratin to sections of hair. Use Cool hairdryer.

Thermal Keratin Bonding

Take small tresses and run straightener across the hair to bond keratin onto hair follicles. Pass straightener 6 - 10 times on small sections to seal on keratin. Repeat for all hair.

Completion - No Waiting

Rinse the hair, apply the Step 3 conditioner. Leave in for 5-10 minutes and rinse again. Blow dry hair and brush (optional to straighten or leave for another time). Completed! (No need to wait days to complete)

Keratin AUS Smooth Step by Step DIY Video

Our co-founder Stacey documented the process and explains how you can perform the treatment by yourself. Using this video tutorial with the detailed instructions provided in every kit you can achieve the best results as good or better than salon results.

Video Tutorial Guide for Brasil Cacau Kits

Please see video below on how to perform the treatment. Alternatively you can follow the Keratin AUS Smooth video above and use the ‘straight’ settings that is described there.

There are also many YouTube videos online to assist you with the treatment. Look at the one above or search for others. It is possible to perform the treatment yourself, especially if you straighten your hair already, but for great results have someone help you with the treatment. You could even do each others hair!

DIY Keratin Transformations

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