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How DIY Keratin Treatment Benefits Long Hair in Australia

Dreaming of long, healthy, and gorgeous hair? Look no further than DIY keratin treatments. Keratin, a protein that occurs naturally in hair, is essential to its strength and general health. In this blog post, we will discuss the many advantages of DIY keratin treatments for long hair. Learn how these treatments can improve your locks, […]

What are the side effects of DIY Keratin Hair Treatments?

Keratin treatments have gained immense popularity among those looking to achieve sleek, frizz-free, and easily manageable hair. Although there may be concerns about certain formulations containing formaldehyde, it is important to highlight the beneficial effects of a keratin treatment. When done with top-notch, formaldehyde-free products, these treatments can provide a wide range of benefits beyond […]

Can I Bleach My Hair After a Straightening Treatment? The Dos and Don’ts

Straightening or Rebonding Hair Treatment? A lot of people enjoy experimenting with their hair, whether it’s choosing a straightening treatment to get a sleek appearance or trying out a different colour. However, doubts and issues frequently surface when mixing several hair treatments. Straightening treatments have grown in popularity among people who want frizz-free, silky hair […]

Is Your Pillowcase the Culprit for Tangled Bed Hair?

Tangled bed hair? We’ve all been there – waking up in the morning only to discover a wild, unruly mess on top of our heads that seems to have a mind of its own – Bed hair. I know at some point we’ve all woken up with a real ‘tangle-tastrophe’ with our hair in the […]

How to Achieve Smooth Straight Hair for 2024?

DIY Guide to Smooth, Straight Hair in 2024 Welcome to 2024, where achieving salon-quality smooth, straight hair is not just a dream – it’s a reality you can create right in the comfort of your own home. Do you ever get frustrated dealing with frizzy hair daily?  Are you dreaming of having smooth, straight hair […]

Hair Sunscreen for Australian Summer

Hair Sunscreen The scorching rays of the sun can take a toll not only on your skin but also on your hair. While we diligently slather on sunscreen to shield our skin from harmful UV rays, our hair often gets neglected. But fear not! In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of using sunscreen […]

DIY Keratin Treatment Kits for Bleached Hair in Perth: How?

Before and After Keratin Hair Treatment by Keratin Aus

Looking for a Keratin Treatment in Perth? How about DIY at home treatment? If you have ever bleached your hair, you know how bad it can be for the health and vitality of your hair. Do not worry, because we have a solution that will work and will not break the bank. If you live […]

Keratin Before and After photos for 2023

The frizz behind Keratin Hair Treatments Australia Stacey. Keratin before and After Photos of Stacey for DIY Keratin Hair Treatments Australia

Keratin before and after photos of DIY keratin hair treatments speak for themselves. They showcase the transformative power of keratin, highlighting the elimination of frizz, the improvement in hair texture, and the added shine and manageability


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