SOLVED! Different Australian Climate, Different Hair Problems : Which Zone Are You in Right Now?

Australia is one of only a few countries in the world to have several climate zones.

Sun, Snow, Wind, Rain, and Humidity: We got them All here in Australia!

Let’s talk about your hair and where you’re at in Australia.

The northern section of Australia has a more tropical-influenced climate, hot and humid in the summer, and quite warm and dry in the winter, while the southern parts are cooler with mild summers and cool, sometimes rainy winters.

We’re in the middle of spring and ready for more sunshine & longer days! But it’s still cold in some Cities in Australia. With different weather in Australia, it does affect NOT just every aspect of our lives but also our Hair. 

Keratin Treatment Sydney: Cool to warm temperature around 12°C to max. temp of 22°C

This is also the time when humidity becomes a problem because it can leave your hair frizzy and unmanageable. A DIY keratin treatment will help makes your hair more manageable by smoothing down the cuticle and sealing it, helping to prevent frizz.

Keratin Treatment Perth: Has moderate temperatures around 10°C to max. temp of 21°C. 

So on average, the conditions are perfect for hanging outside but since it’s still cold in the morning, cold and dry air can actually cause the cuticle of the hair strand to lift slightly. With the help of a DIY Keratin treatment, it seals the hair to lock in moisture and prevent frizz and flyaways as well as prevent static.

Keratin Treatment Melbourne: The length of the day is rapidly increasing with COLD to COOL temperature around 8°C to max. temp of 18°C (we hope you're all safe from recent rains)

  •  The scalp is more prone to dehydration with the cold weather and intense indoor heat, which can result in a dry scalp and brittle hair. Keratin treatment is a protective protein that helps to defend against dry and brittle hair during cold weather.

Keratain Treatment Brisbane: Experiencing WARM temperatures with maximum daytime temperatures around 26°C. minimum nighttime temperatures around 14°C and low monthly rainfall. 

  • With the temperature rising your hair is susceptible to breakage, frizz, and dryness. A DIY Keratin Treatment eliminates frizz and smoothens the hair cuticle by coating strands in a protective protein layer that helps combat warm weather.

Keratin Treatment Adelaide: COLD to COOL temperature around 10°C to max. temp of 19.4°C.

  • Since cool air holds less moisture, that leaves our hair drier. A DIY Keratin treatment is perfect for those with dry and frizzy hair during this cool weather as it not only eliminates frizz but also nourishes damaged strands.

Keratin Treatment Tasmania: You’re still experiencing COLD to COOL temperatures around 7.0°C to max. Temp 15.7°C . 

  • The dry air due to cold weather and lack of moisture really is the number one enemy of healthy hair and can cause more split ends and damage to your hair. A DIY Keratin treatment makes hair manageable and prevents damage that wreaks havoc on your beautiful hair during this cool weather.

Keratin Treatment Darwin: Warm to Hot temperature around 23.0°C to max. Temp 32.0°C 

  • Expect Frizzy & Damage Hair when the temperature gets too hot it causes your hair to hold less moisture which can cause it to become fragile. Keratin is an ideal Treatment during this time especially for women with wavy or curly hair who are looking to make their hair more manageable and its effects last up to 4 months

Keratin Treatment Alice Springs: You’re experiencing Cold, Dry, and Warm temperatures around 9.0°C to max. Temp 26.0°C . 

  • Light frizz and flyaway hair are possible for frizz-prone hair during this time. You can combat these hair problems with a DIY Keratin Treatment, it seals the cuticle and locks out frizz.

Keratin Treatment Broome: Driest month of the year and temperature is around 18.6°C to max. temp 31.8°C .

  • You’re prone to dry and coarse hair due to a lack of moisture. Keratin coats your hair strands and offers protection from sun and environmental damage this month.

Keratin Treatment Cairns: Warm to Hot temperature around 18.9°C (66.02°F) to max. Temp 28.7°C . 

  • Your hair is susceptible to hair breakage, damage, and brittle hair for all hair types. A DIY Keratin treatment not only soothes dry and curly hair, it also improves the texture of naturally straight hair and enhances its shine during this time.

Keratin Treatment Canberra: Cold to Cool Temperature around 4.0°C to max. Temp 17.0°C . 

  • Those with unmanageable hair can say goodbye to frizz and roughness with the help of a DIY Keratin Treatment. Hair remains straight, smooth, and frizz-free even when the weather gets cool and dry.

Bottom line:

With the Vast differences between our States, that’s why we sought out a solution that will help all States, introducing Keratin Aus Smooth perfect for all Australian Climate.

Keratin Aus Smooth is designed to work in all Australian climates and lets you decide between straight or relaxed hair!

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