Can you curl your hair after a Keratin Treatment?

Can you curl your hair after a Keratin Treatment?

Can you curl your hair after a Keratin Treatment?

Keratin treatment will help you tame your frizzy, dry, tangled, and stubborn hair. It helps will smooth, add shine, and makes your hair more manageable that will lasts up to 4 months. The process will take up to 3 hours depending on your hair length.Β 

Yes, you can curl your hair after a keratin treatment as long as you follow the steps below:

  • Wait at least 2 weeks ⌚ for the Keratin Treatment to completely settle in your hair. If you can it’s best to avoid colouring, styling or just tying your hair up. There is no significant effects if you need to do these, it just provides the keratin the best chance for longevity. 
  • Don’t πŸ”΄  overexpose your hair to heat. It is recommended to use low heat (365Β° F ) when curling to avoid burning your newly treated hair.
  • Use a quality brush to help.
  • Plan πŸ“…  it well to avoid over manipulating your hair. If you just want to curl your hair for an occasion make sure to do the treatment atleast a week before you curl it, so it won’t ruin the integrity of your hair.
  • Use 🍢 a sulfate-free hair styling spray. Products with sulfates can strip away too much moisture, leaving the hair dry and unhealthy. Always choose sulfate-free products for your hair especially when choosing shampoo and conditioner. We recommend using De Lorenzo Instant Allevi8 Shampoo & Conditioner as they don’t have any ingredients that can cause harm to keratin and actually assist in prolonging the results.
  • Use πŸ’Ž a good quality curling iron. Don’t curl your hair to tight and choose for more wavy and relax curls.

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