The frizzy hair behind Keratin Hair Treatments Australia

The frizz behind Keratin Hair Treatments Australia Stacey

The frizzy hair behind Keratin Hair Treatments Australia.

Stacey Frizzy, Dry, Stubborn and Damaged Curly Hair
Before Keratin Hair Treatment
Stacey Smooth, Straight Shiny hair with Keratin Hair Treatments Australia
After Keratin Hair Treatment

I’m Stace, the frizz behind Keratin hair treatments Australia. I literally did my own treatment 2 months ago and this morning I went from wet hair to straight in 6mins (yes I timed it ).  We have various sizes of DIY Keratin kits for anyone that may be interested in having a go at home.

Perform your ownDIY keratin hair treatment at Home
Applying Keratin Treatment
Stubborn, Frizzy and Damaged Curl
Stubborn Curl
Dry, Stubborn, Frizzy and Damaged Curl
Frizzy Hair
Damaged Curl Dry,Stubborn, Frizzy Struggles
Dry & Damaged Hair

In 2012, I  went to a salon to have my hair treated with Brasil Cacau Keratin, the treatment cost $450. I have a very frizzy, dry, damaged and stubborn curly hair.  I really enjoyed the Brasil Cacau keratin treatment but as it can last 3 – 4 months we were looking at somewhere between $1350 to $1800 per year to maintain!

Brasil Cacau Keratin Hair Treatments

Crafted DIY Keratin Hair Treatments Kit from leading Professional Salon Formula

 Inspired, we set out to source an alternative way to get the keratin hair straightening treatment and found a way but it meant buying in bulk. We figured that we weren’t the only ones who could benefit from the cost savings so we crafted a DIY kit and began selling what we didn’t use.

We worked on how to send these treatments out without tampering with the quality. So (me being a nurse) came up with the idea to store the treatment in sterile syringes to keep them fresh and air tight. It also had the benefit of assuring customers the exact amount they were receiving (ml’s shown on the syringe) and ability to replace the cap to only use a portion at a time.

Keratin Hair Treatments Australia

Keratin Hair Treatments Australia Step 1 ( Shampoo)
Anti- Residue Shampoo
Keratin Hair Treatments Australia Step 2 (Brasil Cacau Keratin Thermal)
Keratin Thermal Reconstruction
Keratin Hair Treatments Australia Step 2 (Brasil Cacau Keratin Thermal)
Conditioning Mask

As the treatment mostly involves being able to use a hair straightener there isn’t any hairdresser qualifications required to perform the treatment. My hubby Andrew (KHT- Co- founder)  has performed the treatment on me a number of occasions, he has no professional training in hair styling and only used a straightener a few times. I’ve also performed it myself with the same results.

We feel this treatment should be available to everyone who struggles with their hair like I have! If you have any questions on the treatment please drop us a message, we’d love to help.

We are based North of Brisbane and any order placed before 2.30pm will be shipped on the same day.

Thanks xx
Stacey ❤

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