Keratin Before and After photos for 2023

The frizz behind Keratin Hair Treatments Australia Stacey. Keratin before and After Photos of Stacey for DIY Keratin Hair Treatments Australia

Are you looking for real keratin before and After Photos because you’re fed up with your frizzy hair? Also want silkier, shinier hair for less?  DIY Keratin Hair Treatments may be the solution you have been seeking! 

Keep reading, and we will show you real photos of our customers’ hair before and after they used our Keratin Aus Smooth and Brasil Cacau Keratin kits. Find out how easy it is to change your hair at home and get salon-quality results before and after DIY keratin treatments. Let us look at their amazing before and after experiences.

Understanding Keratin Treatments and How They Work

We naturally produce the protein keratin in our hair, skin, and nails. It is what makes our hair sturdy and manageable. However, things like heat styling, chemical treatments, and environmental damage can damage the keratin in our hair, leaving it dry, frizzy, and unattractive.

Keratin hair treatments aim to restore hair's natural health and elasticity by reintroducing the protein keratin. The hair is typically treated with a keratin-rich formula, and then the style is set with heat from a flat iron or hairdryer. This process helps to smooth the hair's cuticles, reduce frizz, add shine, and make the hair more manageable.

Real Before-and-After Stories of DIY Keratin Hair Treatments

Keratin Before & After - Roann K.

"Surprised at How Easy It Was"

Before the treatment, Roann K from Ashfield, NSW, was excited to try the at-home Keratin Hair Treatment due to the high costs of salon treatments for her long, thick hair. She was pleasantly surprised at how easy the process was, taking only 3 hours. Focusing on frizzy areas around her face became effortless, giving her smoother, frizz-free hair. No more lengthy styling routines after the treatment!

''Love that it actually works!!''

Charnelle F from St Ives Chase, NSW, found our brand through a Google search and chose the Keratin Aus Smooth Kit to combat her frizzy hair. Before the treatment, her hair would take 40 minutes to blow-dry and would only last a day due to humidity. After using our kit, her hair stays straight even in light rain, and she can achieve a smooth style in just 10 minutes. She loves the effectiveness of the treatment, which makes her hair easy to manage and shiny.

Keratin Before & After- Charnelle F.
Keratin Before & After - Amalia B.

"Brilliant DIY treatment for fine, colour-treated hair."

Amalia B from Kingsgrove, NSW, had doubts before treatment, fearing damage to her fine, colour-treated hair. However, our Brasil Cacau Keratin Kit exceeded her expectations. The treatment smoothed out her frizz and made her hair more manageable and smooth after the DIY keratin treatment. Now, she only needs to blow-dry her hair, and she's good to go! She highly recommends our affordable at-home treatment.

"Healthier hair and shinier appearance"

Jemma R from Coes Creek, QLD, had frizzy hair and desired a smoother texture before the treatment. After using our Keratin Aus Smooth Kit, her hair maintained its style throughout the day, and she no longer needed hairspray. The treatment made her morning routine quicker, and her hair felt healthier and looked shinier.

Keratin Before & After - Jemma R..
Keratin Before & After - Jennie C.

"What a life changer"

Jennie C from Newport, Vic, struggled with frizziness and spent hours straightening her hair before the treatment. She decided to try our Keratin Aus Smooth Kit and was amazed at the results. She saved a significant amount of money and time by doing it at home. After the treatment, her hair became easier to manage, and the keratin treatment gave her confidence.

"Boosting confidence with frizz-free hair."

Emily F from Asquith, NSW, discovered our DIY Keratin Hair Treatment on social media. The Keratin Aus Smooth Kit helped her combat frizz and achieve a smoother, more defined style. Her hair now dries naturally without frizz, saving her time and effort. She feels more confident and loves her frizz-free hair after DIY Keratin Treatment.

Keratin Before & After - Emily F.
Keratin Before & After - Odette P.

"Waking up to smooth, frizz-free hair."

Before, Odette P from Brisbane, QLD, struggled with frizzy hair and desired smooth locks. After using our Keratin Aus Smooth Kit, she experienced the wonderful feeling of waking up to smooth, frizz-free hair. The treatment was easy to apply, and the results exceeded her expectations.

The before and after photos of DIY keratin hair treatments speak for themselves. They showcase the transformative power of keratin, highlighting the elimination of frizz, the improvement in hair texture, and the added shine and manageability. If you’re looking to revitalize your hair and achieve salon-worthy results from the comfort of your own home, DIY keratin treatments may be the solution you’ve been searching for. 

Explore the gallery of before and after photos at and get ready to be amazed at DIY keratin results!

Transform Your Hair with DIY Keratin Hair Treatments Australia

Remember, the benefits of DIY keratin hair treatments include:
  • Cost-effective solution compared to salon treatments

  • Convenience of performing the treatment at home

  • Achieving salon-quality results without professional assistance

  • Smooth, frizz-free hair that is easier to manage

  • Healthier and shinier hair with improved texture

  • Long-lasting results, even in humid conditions

  • Take the first step towards transforming your hair by visiting our online store today.

Embrace the power of DIY keratin hair treatments and unlock a world of beautiful, frizz-free hair. 


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